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A FET can be represented like a 3 port circuit or like 3 different 2 port circuits:

The well known representations for the FET 2 port circuits are those represented in the following table

Equivalent Circuit [Y] Matrix
Common Source

Common Drain

Common Gate

If we consider the FET like a 3 port network we have:

It can be seen that there are some relations between 2-port representations and 3 port representations:

So we can write the [Y] matrix of the FET as a 3-port network by considering that the sum of the columns and the rows of the FET matrix must be 0 (see Kirchhoff's laws):

Finally we obtain:

Some times is useful to consider the FET like a simply current generator controlled by $ V_{GS}$ in the following we present the simplified [Y] matrix:

and in the following we present the simplified [S] matrix:

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